Is Santa Real?

Posted by Sharon

I personally do not have children but I do have 3 nieces and 2 nephews who I love like my own children. I could talk your ear off about them, but this is not my chance to do that!  I’ve realized that my brothers and sister-in-laws get to teach them everything in the early years of their children’s’ lives.  For the first several years, they get to determine what their children believe in, what is true, and what will become tradition.

One of those traditions that is upon us in this Christmas season is Santa Claus.  As a parent, you’ve probably heard the question, “Is Santa Real?”  When I was younger, I believed in Santa.  My parents still sign their name on presents as Santa.  At Crestridge, we celebrate Christmas in the summertime and Santa Claus comes to visit.  It’s fun and magical.  I recently read an interesting article by Mark Driscoll that talks about how to talk to your kids about Santa.  I’m sure it is exciting, yet difficult to decide what your approach will be on instances like this; what you are going to teach your children.  There is no one way to parenting but I’d like to pose a few questions:
How do you talk to your kids about Santa?
What personal Christmas traditions do you see as most important to pass on to your children?
Besides giving a present to a family member, what is something you are currently doing or can do to teach your kids about a giving spirit?

Here’s an article I’d like to pass on by Mark Driscoll that is a possible approach in how to talk to your kids about Santa…

We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and Christ’s birth with your children!

Sharon Aylestock
Assistant Director, Camp Crestridge for Girls

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