Moms that Pray

Posted by Phil

The longer I work for Ridgecrest Summer Camps, the longer I realize how crucial prayer is for our campers. We pray for them almost ever day of the year. I love that.

I know that many of you have heard of Moms in Touch. Some of you may not know anything about them. That’s ok. But I’m learning more about them, as my wife may begin to lead a group of moms at our local Primary School. While there is a lot that I don’t know about them yet, here is what I do know.

They pray. I mean they really pray. It’s guided…not fly by the seat of your pants, but intentional.

It’s not just a social hour. These moms get down to business. Why? Because they believe in it. They believe that seeking Jesus with our hopes and desires is a real thing.

If you want someone to pray about anything, then let them know. They will pray!

I realize that every Moms in Touch group may be different, and I really only know details about 2 groups. But if you are looking for a group of moms who want to put their children, their school and their community before the Lord in prayer, then this is a good place to start.

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The Value of Hard Work

Posted by Sharon

My parents are two of the hardest workers I know.  They did whatever it took to support my family as I was growing up.  That meant having multiple jobs at times and sacrificing time with family and friends.  Their work ethic was instilled in me from the beginning.  I had a job as early as middle school helping them clean an office building each week, babysitting, and helping my dad make bookmarks for his job.  Then I got my first “real” job during my freshman year of high school at Baskin Robbins.  I learned so much throughout the 2 years that I worked there.  I learned how to work with non-believers and people with different personalities, the responsibility of being to work on time and doing what was asked of me, integrity, how to share my faith with other employees, balancing a work schedule with homework, how to earn money to pay for things I wanted, how to take constructive criticism,  and when to say no (I realized I was eating too much “leftover” milkshakes as they were being made).  I do not think I would have learned those things as quickly if I did not have a job at an early age.  After my time at Baskin Robbins, I went on to other jobs throughout the rest of high school and college.

I do not want to try and convince you that all kids should have a job throughout high school and college.  However, I would not be the same person I am today if I had not had a job.  It seems more and more kids do not have a paying job until they come work at camp or get out of college.  Where are they learning those qualities?  Where are they learning about responsibility and the value of working hard?  If you prefer your child not work, what are ways you can teach your children those valuable traits and lessons?

School is a great place to learn how to interact with others and how to balance schedules and homework.  But what about earning money, managing money, having a bank account?  It was such a great feeling to buy something I wanted knowing I worked hard for that money.  It helped me to respect the things I had.  I would encourage you to think about the value of having a job at a young age and if that would benefit your child.

Sharon Aylestock

Assistant Director, Camp Crestridge

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My parents don’t trust me

Posted by Phil

This is an interesting exchange between a teenager speaking on behalf of other teens and a parent who is also a counselor.They are discussing the issue of parents trusting their kids… Check it out…

“Hi. I’m John, and thanks for coming to this site. I hope you are ready to hear some things about an important area of our lives — how we get along with our parents when they don’t seem to trust us.

Almost every teenager in the world at one time or another has felt like his parents don’t trust him. I have had that feeling since the sixth grade! My parents are neat people. But when I feel distrusted, I need help. When I am the one caught in the crunch, I need some answers.

That’s the whole idea behind this web site: it’s for teenagers like you and me to be able to hear someone who can help with our everyday questions and problems.

There is someone I would like for you to meet who is qualified on this subject from two standpoints. He is a parent. He has had two teenagers of his own. And he has admitted that there have been some times when he had to deal with this question of trust in his home.

His name is Pat Clendinning. He is a professional counselor who talks with parents and youth about their relationships. And I believe he can help us think through some of these issues.

Pat, I get so confused sometimes as to what part of this is my imagination and what part of it is real. And if it is real, is it my parents’ imagination, or do they have a legitimate complaint? Does that make sense?

Pat: I think all of those possibilities are real from time to time, John. Maybe you think they don’t trust you when that is really not the case. But there is no doubt that there are times when they probably don’t. Right or wrong, they just don’t trust you.

John: Sometimes I know I have done something that caused them not to trust me, but there are also times when I don’t think I have done anything at all and I feel like they are not trusting me. It might be good to know some of the legitimate causes of parents not trusting their kids.

Pat: I think this is one you could answer for yourself. Tell me what issues of trust really bother you.”

Read more of this article by Pat Clendinning

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Conversation Starters: Love

Posted by Phil

The work Love is a normal part of even my 4 year old’s vocabulary. But do they fully understand what Love is? As they grow, we can slowly help them see, experience, and understand what Love is. Here are a few questions that might help you you and your kids talking…

For Preschoolers
How did you show someone you loved them today?
How did someone else show love to you?
Why is it hard to love people sometimes?

For Children
What is the difference between liking and loving someone?
Besides me telling you, how do you know that I love you?
How can you show love to people who might not show it back?

For Students
What is one of the greatest examples of love (marital, familial, or otherwise) you’ve ever witnessed or learned about (fictional/historical/personal/present-day, etc.)?
How has the phrase “I love you” been misused/overused?
Why is telling someone you love him or her not enough?
What is most difficult about truly loving people?

What did your kids say about love? Anything funny? How about profound? Share it with all of us…

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