Conversation Starters: Love

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The work Love is a normal part of even my 4 year old’s vocabulary. But do they fully understand what Love is? As they grow, we can slowly help them see, experience, and understand what Love is. Here are a few questions that might help you you and your kids talking…

For Preschoolers
How did you show someone you loved them today?
How did someone else show love to you?
Why is it hard to love people sometimes?

For Children
What is the difference between liking and loving someone?
Besides me telling you, how do you know that I love you?
How can you show love to people who might not show it back?

For Students
What is one of the greatest examples of love (marital, familial, or otherwise) you’ve ever witnessed or learned about (fictional/historical/personal/present-day, etc.)?
How has the phrase “I love you” been misused/overused?
Why is telling someone you love him or her not enough?
What is most difficult about truly loving people?

What did your kids say about love? Anything funny? How about profound? Share it with all of us…

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