Strength in Numbers – Moms!

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Have you ever thought, I wonder if other moms feel …? However you finish that sentence, the answer is yes. The journey of motherhood is exciting, scary, lovely, and challenging. Which is why we’ve created .MOM—a weekend that will encourage and refresh you, connect you with other moms, celebrate motherhood, and draw you closer to Christ.

An event designed for you…Sept 23-24th…

Read more about this event…

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Local News Correction: Not Camp Ridgecrest for Boys!

Posted by Phil

On Tuesday, July 26, 2011, a man was arrested on the grounds of Ridgecrest Conference Center in Ridgecrest, N.C., for an alleged incident that happened prior to arriving at Ridgecrest.

The Cumberland Country Sheriff’s Department reports that police were at Ridgecrest and arrested the man upon his arrival.

The arresting officer’s police report inaccurately identified the location of the arrest as Ridgecrest Boys Camp.

This man was not a counselor nor staff member of Camp Ridgecrest for Boys, CentriKid Camps, Ridgecrest Conference Center, or LifeWay Christian Resources.

LifeWay takes great precaution to assure that all staff are carefully interviewed and screened before beginning their employment.

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3 Ways to Clear Up Misconceptions About God With Your Kids

Posted by Phil

Each summer at Ridgecrest Summer Camps we hear lots of campers who have misconceptions about God. We’d love to share with you parents some of the things we’ve learned…

Here are three examples of how you can use everyday objects to help correct some misconceptions your kids may have about God.

The OnStar God. When you get in trouble along the road, press the button, get help, and once the crisis is averted, move on your way. Ask your children, “What’s wrong with people thinking of God this way?”

The iPod God. Some people pick attributes of God like they download individual songs instead of the entire album. Ask your children, “Where can we get our beliefs about God? Is it how we feel? Is it something else?”

The Video Game Score God. With a lot of video games, the score you get on one level determines whether or not you can advance to the next level. Is that how God will decide whether or not you can go to heaven when you die?

Do you have any good analogies like this to share? Post them below and help the rest of us out…

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