Conversation Starters: The Creator

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Use these discussion starters to help foster a spiritual conversation with your family.

How we view the origins of the universe impacts everything about our worldview. Did everything start with a speck of dust or a big bang? Is the universe the creative work of an intelligent being? Or is there some mixture of these two approaches? The Bible points us to an all-powerful, personal Creator who gives us a meaning and purpose for life.

Concept: The Creator


Genesis 1

LIFE POINT: God made the world and everything in it.

Name your favorite part of God’s creation.

What was the most special thing God made?

LIVE IT OUT: Use an opportunity spent outside to praise God for His wonderful creation. Whether you are enjoying grass, water, the weather, the sunshine, or animals, emphasize to your child that God created these things. He made the world for us to enjoy and care for. Thank God for His wonderful creation.


Genesis 1:1–2:3

LIFE POINT: God created the world.

Try to name one thing God created on each day of creation.

What did God say when He saw everything He created?

What was special about the seventh day of creation?

LIVE IT OUT: Talk with your child about the awesomeness of the world God created. Consider praying together a back-and-forth prayer. You lead by saying, “Thank You, God, for creating (something you feel shows God’s awesomeness).” Ask your child to follow with thanking God for something he thinks shows God’s awesomeness. Continue bouncing back and forth by stating things that God created.


Genesis 1:1-3,6,9,11,14,20,26-27

THE POINT: God spoke the universe into creation.

Why does what we believe about creation matter?

What part of creation is most amazing to you?

Have a conversation around this quote:

“What surprises me most about God is that the Creator of the universe should want a relationship with me.”1 —Rick Warren

1. David Kuo, “Rick Warren: ‘God Didn’t Need Us, He Wanted Us.’” Available from the Internet:

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