The Next 4 Questions About Parenting Teens

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Welcome back Ridgecrest Summer Camps parents! This is the second part of the interview in a special two-part series.

Dr. Richard Ross, professor of student ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX, has always had parent ministry at his heart. He has had numerous contributions to books and resources on student ministry and parent ministry. In a recent issue, Leading Adults sat down with Dr. Ross to discuss his impressions of families with teenagers.

Here are 4 questions that Dr. Ross addresses:

1) How is the teenager-parent relationship different today from in the past?

2) You have a new book out, coauthored with Ken Hemphill, Parenting with Kingdom Purpose. Just what does it mean to “parent with kingdom purpose?”

3) What can adults of older children do to prepare for parenting teenagers?

4) What are three timeless tips you can give to encourage parents of teenagers?

Read Dr. Ross’ answers here…

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