“Guy Land”… some insight into your boy’s adolescent journey…

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Leaving for a campout at Camp RidgecrestThis is an excellent article from Fuller Youth Institute that gives great insight into “Guy Land,” the world that your boys grow up in. It also offers some suggestions for how to walk with them through Guy Land. Having worked closely with boys in middle school and high school for the past 10 years, I find this article to be right on target. This is the adolescent boy world. If this is news to you, then I encourage you to read the entire article, and perhaps even take a closer look into your son’s day-to-day life. Who is he spending time with? What are they doing? What do they really talk about? And who is leading them into the rest of their life? Are they leading themselves? Or is there an loving, caring adult walking beside them through these crucial years of transformation? Enjoy the article and please feel free to call / comment / or email us here at Camp with any questions or concerns…

Click this link for read more:  http://fulleryouthinstitute.org/2009/08/just-guys/

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