Crafts With Teeny: Bubble Magnets

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Hello parents, campers, and friends! I was recently asked to start doing a monthly craft blog. Of course I was excited about this opportunity. I love crafting, being crafty and anything with the word craft in it! This is my first blog and I am excited to share it with you. I will be doing a new craft the third Friday of every month. This first one is called “Bubble Magnets” and I am using the camps’ logos in different colors to make them! I typically find all of my ideas on Pinterest. I have created a PDF with both the Crestridge and Ridgecrest logos, in seven different colors. You can find this PDF here. I have made the size according to the small, clear “gems” or glass rocks.

You will need:

–          Camp Logos – or you can use scrapbook paper, magazines, pictures, anything!
–          Glass rocks/gems
–          Mod Podge – or you can use a mixture of ½ glue ½ water
–          Magnets
–          Scissors
–          Paint brush

First you need to print out the PDF with the logos. Shown in the picture above.

Then you need to take a glass rock and place it on top of the color logo you want to use. Trace around the glass rock and cut the logo out. You will need to do this for each glass rock since they are not all alike.

Then paint some Mod Podge (or glue mixture) on the flat side of the rock. Place the cut out logo on top of the Mod Podge and press down carefully. If you press too hard, it might rip the paper. Set that aside and let it dry. It should only take a few minutes. In the meantime… trace, cut and Mod Podge more logos!

Once it is completely dry you can put the magnets on the back. I used magnetic strips so I had to cut it to the size of the rock and used the adhesive back.  You can also use the round magnets you find at any craft store and you can just glue them to the back. Once the magnet is on paint more Mod Podge around it (not over it) to seal the edges of the paper. Make sure the adhesive has enough time to stick before you try and put it on your fridge!

Once it’s dry and the magnet has adhered you can put it on your fridge! I have also tried this with scrapbook paper and they turn out really cute. Let me know if you make these and how they turned out! Don’t forget to check back next month for a new craft!


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