Parenting with Trust and Faith

Posted by Phil

A little girl disappears without a trace. A 3 year-old drowns when he wanders off from a family reunion. Hardly a day passes without hearing tragic stories like these that make you shiver as the unthinkable flashes through your mind.

Becoming a parent is not as simple as entering other stages in your life. Parenting is more like being engulfed by a violent tornado and flung into the land of Oz. Everything is foreign and frightening. Once you are a parent, the world, along with its possibilities, offers unlimited dangers.

Parents want to protect their children from danger. God wires parents to be protective of their children.

Last year as my daughters and I were emptying one of our compost bins, I inadvertently hit a mouse’s bed with my shovel. As five pink baby mice fell to the ground, their screeching mother bravely darted in and out of the bin to rescue each one. She need not have bothered; I was far too queasy to harm either her or her squirming offspring. But it was a vivid example of how mothers will sacrifice themselves for their children. As you become a parent, you instinctively wrap your arms around your children and hold on tightly.

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