Loving Your Kids On Purpose

Posted by Phil

A title like that gets your attention doesn’t it? It got mine, what do I accidentally love my daughters? Well, I suppose I do sometimes. And other times I love them because I can’t help it. And then, the more I thought about it,  I realized that there are lots of times when I decide to love them. Why? Well, I’m frustrated with them. But they are mine. And just like Jesus chooses to love us when we blow it big time, I choose to love Piper and Lily Berry no matter what they do.

I know this isn’t necessarily ground breaking stuff here. But it does give me the chance to point you to a book that Amy and I are reading in our house. I think we might have to read it a few times because it’s such a shift in thinking….it is redefining the way we love and discipline our kids. So, I invite you to take a look as well…

The title of the book? Yep, Loving Your Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk. This link is to Amazon where you can even pick up a used copy…

As I begin the New Year, I like the idea of “fresh” things. Fresh goals, fresh calendars, fresh ideas… why not a fresh look at the way we discipline and love our kids. One last disclaimer…I’m still thinking through these ideas. We have tried some of them in our home, and they work very well. But we have by no means mastered the philosophy of the book….

Enjoy! And let me know what you think about the book…

Phil Berry
Assistant Director
Dad to Piper and Lily

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