Conversation Starters: Our Peace

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CONNECTION POINT: Because of Jesus’ death and sacrifice we can have peace with God.

THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: Who doesn’t long for peace? We’d love an absence of conflict in our lives, a time with no squabbling or obstacles. Even when we have those moments of “peace and quiet,” they are often short-lived. But God offers us a far greater and lasting peace, even while facing conflict with others or battling our circumstances. In Gideon’s encounter with God, he discovered he could trust God to give the Israelites peace because of who God is.

Concept: Our Peace


Luke 19:28-40; John 12:12-19

LIFE POINT: Jesus and His disciples were walking to Jerusalem. Jesus told two disciples, “Go to the next town, and there you will find a young donkey. Bring it to me.” The disciples obeyed Jesus. They found the donkey like Jesus said they would. They brought the donkey to Jesus. The disciples spread their coats on the donkey. Jesus sat on the donkey’s back and rode into Jerusalem. Along the way, many people were waiting to see Jesus. When they saw Him coming, some people spread their coats on the road. Other people laid down palm branches. As Jesus passed by, the people shouted, “Hosanna.” The people shouted happy words to God. They were happy to see Jesus. They knew He was special and had done many miracles. They wanted to show their love for Him!

LIVE IT OUT: Review the Bible story with your child about the way people welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem. Give your child a simple instrument, such as two craft sticks or a coffee can drum. Lead a praise parade as you play the instruments to worship music.


Luke 19:28-40; John 12:12-19

LIFE POINT: Jesus sent two disciples into a town to find a donkey. The disciples found the donkey and started untying it. “Why are you untying the donkey?” the owners asked. The disciples said, “The Lord needs it.” The disciples took the donkey to Jesus. They put their robes on the donkey. They helped Jesus get on the donkey. Jesus rode into town. The people were excited to see Jesus. People put their robes and branches on the road in front of Him. The crowd shouted joyfully in loud voices, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! ” Some temple leaders said, “Stop these people. They should not praise you!” Jesus answered, “If the people stop, the stones will cry out!”

LIVE IT OUT: Review today’s Bible story with your child. If you or your child have ever seen a celebrity in a parade, talk about how that felt. Compare with how your child thinks the people felt when seeing Jesus ride into Jerusalem.


Judges 6:11-24

THE POINT: God’s peace helps us rise above our circumstances.
• Where do you go when you need some peace and quiet?
• What causes us to sometimes doubt God’s presence in our lives?
• How do we recognize when God is calling us to a task?
• Where do you need peace in your life right now? Discuss the following quote:

“Because of the empty tomb, we have peace. Because of His resurrection, we can have peace during even the most troubling of times because we know He is in control of all that happens in the world.”(1) —Paul Chappell

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your students to take practical steps to take his or her faith and Live It Out in the Personal Study Guide. Here are some ways you can encourage your students to live out their faith with Christ personally, in community, and in their culture:
• CHRIST: By trying to please the sinful world, we separate ourselves from wholeness and peace with God. Discuss with your student ways that he or she is trying to please the world instead of God.
• COMMUNITY: Create a list of people you know who need God’s peace in their lives. Make a plan to serve and help them to experience the peace of Christ.
• CULTURE: Help your student to discover ways he or she can share the gospel with lost friends at school.

(1)“16 Amazing Quotes About Peace,” Christian Quotes [online], [accessed 27 August 2017]. Available from the Internet:

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