Conversation Starters: A Passion to Share the Gospel

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THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: One of the beauties of life is the uniqueness each one of us brings to it. We are created by God with particular interests, abilities, and personalities. Our individuality is compounded by our history—including our sins, failures, and victories. We are all unique, but God calls us to the same task: to share His gospel. Our individual histories and experiences provide opportunities for us to bring the gospel into the lives of others.

Concept: A Passion to Share the Gospel


2 Timothy 1:1-5; 3:14-17

LIFE POINT: On one of his trips, Paul met a young man named Timothy. Paul heard people say that Timothy loved God and Jesus. Timothy had been taught about God by his mother, Eunice, and his grandmother, Lois. Paul asked Timothy to help him tell others about Jesus. They traveled together and talked to many people. They told them about Jesus and God. Later, Paul wrote a letter to Timothy. Paul wrote that he was praying for Timothy. Paul said, “I thank God for your mother and your grandmother who taught you about God and Jesus. Since you were a child, you have learned from the Bible. Remember, all that the Bible says is from God. The Bible tells us what God wants us to do. It teaches us how to live and helps us make right choices. Keep doing what the Bible says to do.”

LIVE IT OUT: Assist your child in learning 2 Peter 3:18. Say the verse together. Stretch up tall as you say “grow”; point to your temples as you say “know”; make the sign for Jesus (touch each middle finger to opposite palm) as you say “Jesus.” Remind your child she is growing and learning.


2 Timothy 1:1-5; 3:14-17

LIFE POINT: Paul wrote letters to Timothy. One letter said this: “From Paul to Timothy, I thank God for you, Timothy, every day. I know you were sad to see me leave. I remember that your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice taught you about God. My advice is to keep on in what you learned and what you believe. You have known the Scriptures since you were a child. They teach you about God’s plan to save people. All Scripture comes from God. Scripture can teach what is right. It can show you what is bad. Scripture can correct bad actions. It can show how to do right. These things will help you be ready for good works.” Paul helped Timothy—and people today— know how to live as God wants.

LIVE IT OUT: God desires for people to keep learning about Him. Share with your child how he began learning about God and Jesus at home, at church and at camp. Help your child think of Bible stories he learned when he was younger and still hears now. Suggest that he make a list of favorite Bible stories about Jesus.


2 Corinthians 5:11, 14-21

THE POINT: God calls us to share the gospel.
• What advertising ploys are least likely to persuade you?
• What motivates you to follow Christ?
• What are the basic truths of the gospel every person needs to hear?
• What are some effective ways to share the gospel?
Discuss the following quote:

“God has made relationships His chosen
delivery system for the gospel of hope.” 1
— Ed Stetzer

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your student to take practical steps to take his or her faith and Live It Out. Here are some ways you can encourage your students to live out their faith with Christ personally, in community, and in their culture:
• CHRIST: In order to be reconciled with God, we must repent of all sin and align ourselves with His perfect standard. Help your student determine if there is any unconfessed sin in his or her life.
• COMMUNITY: Take time to pray with your student over the sin in his or her life and discuss any changes you may need to make as individuals and as a family to be reconciled with God.
• CULTURE: It can be hard for nonbelievers to hear the truth of the gospel. Consider ways you can share in a loving way.

Ed Stetzer, Subversive Kingdom: Living as Agents of Gospel Transformation (Nashville: B&H Publishing, 2012), 115.

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