Conversation Starters: Grow with Joy

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CONNECTION POINT: People can take a stand for Jesus daily.

THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: We like quick results. We can convert a cold meal into a hot dinner in a minute or less. Movies can be streamed quickly without the previously required trips to the video store. Infomercials invite us to try their quick-and-easy weight loss or muscle-building program. One area that offers no such claim to being quick and easy is spiritual growth. We can be saved in a moment, but growth in Christ is a life-long journey.

Concept: Grow with Joy


Esther 2:2-18; 4:5-17; 5:1-18; 7:10; 8:8-17

LIFE POINT: The king chose Esther, a Jewish girl who lived with her cousin, Mordecai, to be his new queen. Esther did not tell the king that she was a Jew. Haman, a king’s helper, hated Jews and wanted to hurt the Jewish people. Mordecai told Esther to ask the king to help their people. He said, “Tell him you are a Jew and that Haman wants to hurt us.” Esther was afraid to go to the king. She told Mordecai and the people to pray for three days. Esther and her servants prayed, too. After three days, God helped Esther to be brave and go to the king. Esther was brave and went to see the king. The king was happy to see her and listened to what she wanted. He protected the Jewish people and kept Haman from hurting Mordecai and the Jews. God helped Esther and the Jewish people to be safe.

LIVE IT OUT: Talk with your child about what she would like to do when she grows up. Explain that God has a plan for her life. At this time in her life, God’s plan is for her to grow, obey her parents, and learn about God. Thank God for the plans He has for people.


Esther 2:2-18; 4:5-17; 5:1-18; 7:10; 8:8-17

LIFE POINT: Esther went from her home with Mordecai to the palace. Mordecai warned Esther, “Don’t tell anyone you are a Jew.” The king chose Esther as his queen. Mordecai sent Esther a message. Haman tricked the king into signing a law that all Jews would be killed. Mordecai asked Esther to beg the king for help. Esther knew she would be in danger if she went to the king without being called. Esther prayed for three days. Then she put on her royal robe. She went to the king on his throne. When the king saw Esther, he held out his scepter. Esther was safe! Esther told the king she was a Jew. She also told the king that Haman wanted to kill all her people. The king was quite angry! He ordered the soldiers to take Haman away. The king told the Jews to defend themselves. The people were happy!

LIVE IT OUT: Christian beliefs are under attack in our world today. Is your child able to defend her beliefs in difficult situations? Talk about and help develop some strategies for overcoming such difficulties.


Philippians 3:12-21

THE POINT: Each day is an opportunity to become more like Christ. What experiences has God used to help you grow spiritually? How can we intentionally position ourselves to benefit from the example of others? What are some of the effects of being a citizen of God’s kingdom in the world? Discuss the following quote:

“If I have observed anything by experience, it is this: a man may take the measure of his growth and decay in grace according to his thoughts and meditations upon the person of Christ, and the glory of Christ’s Kingdom, and of His love.”1—John Owen

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your student to take practical steps to take his or her faith and Live It Out. Here are some ways you can encourage your students to live out their faith with Christ personally, in community, and in their culture:

• CHRIST: Encourage your student to be a God-pleaser, not a people-pleaser. Spend time in prayer together seeking God first.

• COMMUNITY: Encourage your student throughout the week to courageously share the gospel. Pray together for the courage to share without fear.

• CULTURE: We communicate in many ways. Look at the ways your student communicates and help him or her to develop a plan to communicate the gospel.

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