Conversation Starters: Transformed in My Choices

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THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: Our culture overwhelms us with choices. Even soft drink vending machines in restaurants are now offering up to 127 choices. Choices may encourage our individuality, but choices—especially too many choices—can be stressful. The biggest choice we must make, however, does not need to be hard. Life boils down to one choice with two options: take the road that leads to life in Christ or take the road that leads to destruction.

Concept: Transformed in My Choices


Ezra 2:1, 68-70; 3:1-13

LIFE POINT: God’s people had disobeyed God and had been taken away from Jerusalem. They were sad and wanted to go back home. God made a way for all of these people to go back home. They were so glad to go back where they had once lived, but they were sad when they saw how God’s temple had been torn down. They began to make plans to rebuild the temple. They started working with people who knew how to build with stone and wood. They worked hard to get a new floor in place for the temple. Once the work was done, the church helpers led the people to sing songs. They let God know how much they loved Him and how glad they were that He keeps His promises. They made music with trumpets and cymbals. They sang loudly. They thanked God for taking care of them.

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your child to sing songs of praise to God. Play music in the car while driving or at home while working. Let your child hear you sing songs of praise, and he will sing along.


Ezra 2:1, 68-70; 3:1-13

LIFE POINT: Some people sang. Some people shouted. They were all happy. The temple was being built again! The people who came back to Jerusalem had been sad. The temple had been torn down. Some of the men rebuilt the altar. Now people could bring special offerings to God. They began celebrating the special days God had given them. They brought offerings. They started rebuilding the temple. As soon as the foundation was made, the people sang for joy. The temple helpers played trumpets. Some played cymbals. Everyone gave thanks to God. They praised God for loving them. The people gave a great shout of praise that could be heard far away!

LIVE IT OUT: We can worship God by singing to Him. Remind your child that the Book of Psalms is a book of songs. Help your child memorize Psalm 9:2 and set the words of the verse to music. Sing this song together to worship God.


Matthew 7:13-27

THE POINT: Choose to follow Jesus. What have you found difficult about the road that leads to life? What does God’s Word say our role is in producing fruit? What are some difficult “foundation”
choices you are facing right now? Discuss the following quote:

“God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.”1 —C.S. Lewis

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your student to do the Live It Out activity. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete the Daily Reading:
• Take time to discuss your student’s scripture readings from this week.

1. C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (New York: HarperCollins, 1952) 50

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