Conversation Starters: Transformed in My Priorities

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archeryTHE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: We are physical beings, and we live in a physical world. It’s natural, then, that we fill our lives with physical objects. We seek to possess things, but those things have a way of possessing us. Jesus calls us to seek a different type of treasure: treasures that last beyond this physical life. When we focus on God and follow Him, we find and invest in far greater treasures.

Concept: Transformed in My Priorities


1 Kings 17:8-24

LIFE POINT: Elijah was one of God’s helpers. God took care of Elijah. God sent him to live by a stream where he could drink water. God gave Elijah food to eat. No rain had fallen for a long time. One day the stream dried up. God told Elijah to go to a town. A woman would help him. When Elijah got to the town, a woman was gathering sticks to build a fire. “Would you bring me some water?” Elijah asked. “And
please bring me some bread.” The woman said, “I only have a little bit of flour and oil to make bread for my son and myself.” Elijah said, “Go home and make some bread for me. Then make some bread for you and your son. You will have enough flour and oil until God sends rain.” The flour and oil were not used up, just as God promised

LIVE IT OUT: Fold two pieces of paper in half to make a book. Print on the front the words God Loves
People. Print on other pages the names of people your child knows. Include your child’s name on one
page. Find pictures of each person and help her glue each picture by the name.


1 Kings 17:8-24

LIFE POINT: God told Elijah to go to a certain town. God had told a widow there to care for him. Elijah trusted God. He went to the town. He saw a widow getting wood for a fire. He asked, “Will you bring me a drink of water and some bread?” The widow replied, “I don’t have any bread. I have only a little flour and a little oil. After I feed my son one time, we will die.” Elijah said. “Bake your bread. Bring me a small loaf. God told me that your flour jar and oil jug will not empty. ” The widow made the bread. She gave some to Elijah. She and her son also ate. Day after day, there was enough. Later, the son became ill and died. Elijah took the boy to his room. He prayed and prayed. God made the boy live again. Elijah handed the son back to the widow. He said, “Your son is alive!”

LIVE IT OUT: With your child make a list of all the good things you have as a family. Include more than just material things. Remind your child that God provides things we need and we can trust Him to always care for us.


Matthew 6:19-24

THE POINT: Your relationship with God is the only thing that will last. What are your most valuable
possessions? What sign do we see in our lives when we lose our spiritual focus? When have you felt the tension of trying to serve two masters? Discuss the following quote:

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”1 —Jim Elliot

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your student to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete You’re Number One:
• Dicuss with your student ways they can make Christ a priority in every aspect of his or her life.
• Pray over these activities with your student and eliminate any that do not place Christ in the center of
his or her life.

If he or she plans to complete the Daily Reading:
• Take time to discuss your student’s scripture readings from this week.


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