Conversation Starters: Our Need for Peace

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img_3928THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: God gifts His followers in a way that is far different—and far greater— than any giftedness typically celebrated in modern culture. The Holy Spirit works through believers with a diversity of spiritual gifts, and He places us in different ministries to use those gifts. Your gift is not for your personal benefit. God has given us these gifts so that we might build up, strengthen, and encourage the church; reveal Christ; and glorify Him.

Concept: Our Need for Peace


Luke 24:13-35

LIFE POINT: Two men walked on the road to a town called Emmaus. The men talked and argued about the events of the past week. As they walked, Jesus joined them, but the men did not recognize Him. Jesus asked the men why they were arguing. The men began to tell Jesus what happened: “Jesus died on a cross. Three days later some women went to the tomb. The tomb was empty. An angel said that He was alive!” Jesus taught the men as they walked. Near Emmaus, the men asked Jesus to stay with them. He did. As they sat at the table, Jesus took bread, thanked God, and shared it with the men. Then the men understood that it was Jesus sitting at their table! The men returned to Jerusalem that night to find Jesus’ disciples. The helpers had seen Jesus. They knew He was alive!

LIVE IT OUT: Help your child say the Life Verse for this week, “God sent Jesus.” (1 John 4:14). Remind your child that Jesus lives in heaven with God. Pray, thanking God for Jesus.


Luke 24:13-35

LIFE POINT: Two men walked along the road. Another man joined them. “What are you talking about?” the man asked. The men did not recognize Jesus. They were surprised he did not know what had happened. Cleopas said, “We hoped that Jesus was the Messiah. Some of the women went to the tomb today. They didn’t find His body! An angel told them Jesus was alive.” Jesus taught the two men as they walked. The men asked Jesus to stay with them. They sat down to eat. Jesus blessed the bread, tore it into pieces, gave the bread to the men. They knew the man was Jesus! Then Jesus disappeared! The men hurried back to Jerusalem and found the disciples. The disciples said, “It is true! Jesus is risen! Peter has seen Him.” Then the two men told how Jesus had been with them.

LIVE IT OUT: Help your child review the Bible story about the men on the road to Emmaus. Find other examples in the Gospels of Jesus appearing to His disciples. Help think of ways Jesus shows today that He is alive.


Luke 24:13-35; John 14:1-7

THE POINT: We can live in peace because Jesus is the way to the Father. What is the craziest thing you
worry about every week? How do you determine if someone is trustworthy? Discuss the following quote:

We cannot enjoy peace in this world unless we are ready to yield to the will of God in respect of death. Our times are in His hand, at His sovereign disposal. We must accept that as best.”1 —John Owen

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your student to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete Trust Exercise:
• Help your student understand that trouble is unavoidable, but we can have peace by trusting Christ
in the middle of a trial.
• Pray out loud with your student about their struggles. Pray that the Lord would be their peace as they walk through trials.

If he or she plans to complete Daily Reading:
• Take time to discuss the Scripture readings listed above.

1.”19 Beautiful Quotes about God’s Peace,” Christian Quotes [online], [accessed 16 July 2015]. Available from the

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