Conversation Starters: Our Need for Hope

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img_9953THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: What is power? Ask that of anyone on the street, and they’ll probably give you a definition in terms of either energy or influence. However, we need a different kind of power in order to live the way God designed us to live. We can’t live the Christian life in our own strength. The good news is that God, who is rich in glory, is also rich in power and strength, and He gives believers the Holy Spirit to access His power.

Concept: Our Need for Hope


Matthew 27:15- 28:10

LIFE POINT: Three days after Jesus died on the cross, Mary and another Mary went to the place where Jesus was buried. An earthquake shook the ground as an angel from God came to the tomb. He rolled back the stone and sat on it. The angel spoke to the two women, “Don’t be afraid. I know you are looking for Jesus. He is not here! He is alive, just as He said. Come see where He was laying. Then go and tell His
disciples, ‘He is alive!’ ” The women left quickly and ran to tell the helpers. Jesus met and greeted the women. The women went up to Jesus and touched His feet. Jesus told them to not be afraid and to tell the disciples to go to Galilee where they would see Him.

LIVE IT OUT: Talk to your child about the Bible story. Remind her that the women went to a garden to find Jesus. Give your child paper and crayons. Tell her to draw some flowers on the paper. At the top of
the paper, print Jesus Is Alive!


Matthew 26:26- 28:10

LIFE POINT: Jesus and the disciples met together for the Passover feast. Jesus told the disciples to remember Him whenever they ate the Passover meal. As Jesus was praying, soldiers came to arrest Him!
Jesus was put on trial. The people shouted, “Crucify Him!” Pilate ordered the soldiers to crucify Jesus. Jesus was put on a cross between two criminals. Later that afternoon, Jesus died. Jesus’ body was buried in a tomb. Three days later, women went to the tomb. On their way, the earth shook! An angel rolled the stone away from the tomb! The tomb was empty! The angel said, “Jesus is not here! He has been resurrected!” The women were so happy! As they hurried to tell others, they met Jesus. Right away, they worshiped Him.

LIVE IT OUT: Ask your child if he knows why Jesus had to die. Use the Internet to research the Old
Testament for passages about sin. Talk about how this applies to Jesus’ crucifixion.


John 11:17-24

THE POINT: Jesus is responsible for our lives, now and forever. What do you look forward to
when life is hard? What do our responses to tragedy reveal about our expectations of God? Discuss the following quote:

“What gives me the most hope every day is God’s grace; knowing that His grace is going to give me the strength for whatever I face, knowing that nothing is a surprise to God.”1 —Rick Warren

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your student to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete Reality Check:
• Talk with your student about things they put their hope in when life gets tough.
• Help them understand that Jesus is our only hope in life.

If he or she plans to complete Daily Reading:
• Have your student read Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection in each of the gospels as their daily reading this week.

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