Conversation Starters: Redeemed from a Critical Spirit

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dsc_5677THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE:Christians aren’t meant to simply be in the mix of the world, or even to stand out in the mix; they’re meant to influence the world around them. That’s what Christians do. We mix with the world, retain our distinction, and we end up influencing every situation we’re in. With God, we can have the courage to stand apart from the world and influence others for Christ.

Concept: Redeemed from a Critical Spirit


John 4

LIFE POINT: Jesus and His disciples traveled through the land of Samaria. Jesus was tired and sat by a well. His disciples went into town to buy food. A woman came to get water from the well. Jesus asked her for a drink. The Samaritan woman was surprised that a Jewish man would ask her for a drink. Jesus told the woman about God. The woman was interested in what Jesus said but did not understand it all. She said, “I know that God will send someone who will explain everything about God to us.” Jesus told the woman, “I am He.” The disciples were surprised to find Jesus talking to the woman. The woman left and went into town to tell everyone that she had spoken with Jesus. The people came to see the man the
woman talked about—Jesus, God’s Son.

LIVE IT OUT: Sit on the floor with your preschooler. Clap and chant the following: “K-I-N-D, I can be kind.” Then ask your child how she can be kind using her hands. Clap and chant again, asking how she can be kind with her voice and then her feet.


John 4

LIFE POINT: As Jesus traveled through Samaria, He sat down beside a well to rest. The disciples went to town to buy food. One woman came to get water. Jesus asked her for a drink. The woman asked, “Why are you asking me for a drink?” The woman knew that Jesus was a Jew and that Jews usually would not talk to Samaritans. Jesus told her that if she knew who was speaking to her, she would ask Him for a drink. He told her that He had living water! Jesus told her that He was the Messiah. The woman left her
water jar and ran to the town. She told the townsmen, “Come. See the man. Is He the Messiah?” So they went to see Jesus. Jesus stayed two days and later the people said now they believed Jesus was the Savior because they heard Him for themselves.

LIVE IT OUT: Does your child know someone who needs kindness? Talk about an act of kindness your child can do for this person. Help her follow through on this kindness.


Numbers 12:1-11, 13-15

THE POINT: A critical spirit damages our lives. When have you been thankful for criticism? How can we help one other avoid a critical spirit? Discuss the following quote:

“When you’re in a situation, you can complain about it, you can feel sorry for yourself, you can do a lot of things. But how are you gonna make the situation better?”1 —Tony Dungy

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your student to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete Garbage in, Garbage Out:
• Ask God to reveal times that you have spoken to your student with a critical or unloving spirit. Use this as a way to engage your student on the power of speaking loving truth, instead of tearing one another down.
• Work with your student to find ways to communicate hard truth in love.

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