Conversation Starters: Distinct in My Influence

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IMG_4530THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: Christians aren’t meant to simply be in the mix of the world, or even to stand out in the mix; they’re meant to influence the world around them. That’s what Christians do, too. We mix with the world, retain our distinction, and we end up influencing every situation we’re in. With God, we can have the courage to stand apart from the world and influence others for Christ.

Concept: Distinct in My Influence


Luke 1:1-25, 57-80; 3:1-22; John 1:19-37; Matthew 3:13-17

LIFE POINT: Zechariah and Elizabeth did not have any children. The angel Gabriel told Zechariah that they would have a baby boy. Because Zechariah did not believe Gabriel, Zechariah could not talk until
after the baby was born. The time came, and Elizabeth had a baby boy. Elizabeth said to name him John. The men asked Zechariah. He wrote the name John. After he wrote the name, he could speak again. John grew up to tell people about Jesus. He told the people the right things to do and about the good news of Jesus. John baptized (to lower someone under water and raise up) many people including Jesus. As Jesus prayed after being baptized, a voice from heaven was heard saying that Jesus was God’s Son.

LIVE IT OUT: Memorize this verse today, “I love You, God. Psalm 18:1” Help your child learn the verse by repeating it several times. Remind your child that people should love God.


Luke 1:1-25, 57-80; 3:1-22; John 1:19-37; Matthew 3:13-17

LIFE POINT: Priest Zechariah was quite old when an angel told God’s promise to give Zechariah and Elizabeth a special son. This son would prepare people for Jesus coming as the Messiah. A son was born to Zechariah and Elizabeth. His name was John. When John grew up, he lived in the wilderness. He preached to crowds of people, urging them to change by repenting. John baptized many people who heard him preach. People thought John was the Messiah, but he told them he was not. Later, Jesus came to John to be baptized. At first John didn’t want to baptize Jesus. Jesus explained, “Do it this way because this is what is right.” When John heard that, he baptized Jesus. As Jesus came out of the water, a dove came down and settled on Jesus. A voice came from heaven, saying, “This is My Son that I love. I am delighted with Him!”

LIVE IT OUT: Every day your child can do things that honor God. Assist your child in making a list of
actions that honor God. Find a time each day to review and compare her actions to the list she made.


Matthew 5:13-20

THE POINT: Make your influence count for what matters. What flavoring could you not live
without? Salt improves taste and preserves food. How do Christ followers improve and preserve the world? Discuss the following quote:

“The world needs to see Christians burning, not with self-righteous fury at the sliding morals in our country, but with passion for God.”1—Kevin DeYoung

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your student to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete Whatcha Thinkin’?:
• Ask your student to make a list of positive influencers in the world. Point out the ways in which
the positive influencers live. Encourage your student to live in such a way that he or she has a positive influence for Christ.

If he or she plans to do Sooner or Later:
• Discuss the importance of living in such a way that others can see Christ through your life.
• Pray for your student to have this type of influence.

1. “Quotes about Gospel,” Goodreads [online], [accessed 11 June 2015]. Available from the Internet:

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