Conversation Starters: Pray Fervently

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IMG_3581THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: It’s common for all of us—even non-Christians—to pray and ask God for help when a problem arises. That’s OK, because God invites us to pray and talk with Him. But we should ask ourselves: am I seeking God or am I just seeking an answer from Him? Daniel and his friends needed God’s help. They prayed, God answered, and Daniel kept the focus on God—not just on the answer He gave. God had a plan for Daniel, and He has a plan for us. He is trustworthy, and we can count on Him to lead us.

Concept: Pray Fervently


1 Kings 17:1-16

LIFE POINT: Elijah told King Ahab that God said there would be no rain until God sent
it. God told Elijah to go and hide near the small stream. God sent Elijah food. God told Elijah to go to the town of Zarephath. God said to find a widow lady who would help. Elijah found the woman and asked for water and bread. Elijah told the woman to make him a loaf first and then a loaf for her son and her. Elijah said that God would give
flour and oil until it rained again. The woman did what Elijah told her to do. She and her
son had enough food to eat each day. She did not run out of flour or oil, just as God promised.

LIVE IT OUT: Assist your child in making a book. Fold two sheets of paper together to make a book shape. Provide markers and stickers. Draw pictures with your child of things God gives us.


Daniel 2

LIFE POINT: The king was worried. He had a bad dream. He asked his wise men to
tell him what the dream meant. He even asked them to tell what he had dreamed!
The wise men could not tell the king what he dreamed. Daniel asked his friends to pray with him. They prayed that Daniel would know the dream. That very night God told Daniel the dream and helped him understand what the dream meant. Daniel said, “O King, God has shown me your dream.” Daniel told what the dream was and what it meant. The king praised Daniel’s God!

LIVE IT OUT: Help your child understand that God communicates with people through their prayers. Work with your child to compose a special prayer to God.


Daniel 2:13-21,26-28A

THE POINT: Our prayers connect us with God’s plan. When have you encountered the
power of prayer? How can we more fully incorporate prayer into your life? Discuss the following quote:

“I realized that the deepest spiritual lessons are not learned by His letting us have our way… but by His making us wait …until we are able to honestly pray what He taught His disciples to pray: Thy will be done.”1 —Elisabeth Elliot

LIVE IT OUT: Encourage your student to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are
some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete Prayer Partner:
• Be intentional about asking your student what he or she needs prayer for.
• Offer to join in on your student’s prayer time. Designate a time each week for you and your student to commune with God and lift up others in prayer.

If he or she plans to complete The Lord’s Prayer:
• Model the importance of prayer to your student by making prayer a priority in your life.

1. Elisabeth Elliot, “Elisabeth Elliot > Quotes,” Goodreads [online], [accessed 16 March 2015]. Available from the Internet:

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