Conversation Starters: Promise of Provision

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IMG_9128THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: We don’t always make wise or correct decisions. When we discover our error or sin, how should we respond? Psalm 34 shows us that God responds to us when we turn to Him for help and deliverance. Life under God’s care is good because He provides all we truly need. In His love and faithfulness to us, God provides.

Concept: Promise of Provision


1 Samuel 16; Psalm 23

LIFE POINT: Saul was sad because God was no longer pleased with him as king. Saul’s helpers said, “Let us look for someone to play the lyre for you. The music will make you feel better.” One of Saul’s helpers told him about David who played the lyre. David came to live with Saul and became one of his helpers. Whenever Saul was sad, David played the lyre for the king. Saul felt better when David played music.
David often used music to sing prayers to God. Psalm 23 is one of David’s prayers:
The Lord is my shepherd. I have everything I need. God is with me every day. I never have to be afraid. God will love me all the days of my life. I will worship God forever.

LIVE IT OUT: Use a cardboard tube to whisper into your child’s ear. Say something like “God loves you” or “God helps you.” Ask if she could hear what you said. Comment that God always hears our prayers.


1 Samuel 16; Psalm 23

LIFE POINT: David was the youngest son of Jesse. David’s job was to take care of the sheep. He took the sheep to green grass and clear water. He kept the sheep safe from wild animals. When David was still a boy, God chose him to be the next king of Israel. David had to wait until he was older to be the king. King Saul’s servants knew David played a harp. They brought David to play the harp for the king. David wrote Psalm 23 praising God for taking care of him as a shepherd cares for his sheep.

LIVE IT OUT: Talk with your child about some requests she might make to God in prayer. Discuss with her how best to pray for each of the requests. Help her understand that God always answers prayer but not always in the way we want.


Psalm 34:1-14

THE POINT: God provides for those who choose to live under His care. When and how has God responded to your needs? What does it mean to taste God’s goodness?
Discuss the following quote:

“…He longs to relieve our worries and has promised to supply our most fundamental needs.”1 —Charles R. Swindoll

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete Prayer Partner:
• Share with him or her how you’ve seen God’s faithfulness in your life.

If he or she plans to complete Encouragement Jar:
• Have your student write down way God has been faithful to them on slips of paper, then put them in an Encouragement Jar. Parents participate in this as well.
• After a few weeks, gather together and pull out your slips of paper. As a family, take some time to thank God for His faithfulness in your lives.

1. Charles R. Swindoll, “Quotes About Provision,” Goodreads [online], [accessed 16 March 2015]. Available from the Internet:

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