Conversation Starters: God’s Plan

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FG7A8015THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: We can be resistant when someone else’s plans collide with ours, disrupting our own plans. But changes can also be welcome, especially if they come from God. Joseph had a plan for his life with Mary, but God stepped in and changed that plan. All of us benefit from the plan God gave to Joseph.

Concept: God’s Plan


Isaiah 7:14; 9:6; Micah 5:2

LIFE POINT: Prophets were people who told others messages from God. Long before Jesus was born, God told prophets to tell people that Jesus would be born. One of those prophets was Isaiah. The prophet wrote, “This is a sign from God. A woman will have a Son. His name will be Immanuel. Immanuel means ‘God with us.’ He will be born for us. He will rule over us in love. He will be called the Prince of Peace.” Another prophet named Micah also wrote about Jesus. “God’s Son will be born in Bethlehem,” Micah wrote. The words written by the prophets are in our Bible today.

LIVE IT OUT: Print the name JESUS in the center of a sheet of paper. Give your child some markers and simple circle stickers to decorate Jesus’ name. Remind him that God
told people to write about Jesus before He was born.


Isaiah 7:14; 9:6; 11:1-5; Micah 5:2

LIFE POINT: One of the messages God gave Isaiah was that God would send Someone very special. Isaiah announced that God would give the people a sign: A virgin would have a son and call Him Immanuel. Isaiah continued telling God’s messages. He proclaimed that a child would be born. He told what the child would be called. The names told the people what God’s promised Messiah would be like. Isaiah explained that the child would come from the family of Jesse, the father of King David. Isaiah told how the Messiah would have wisdom, understanding, and strength. He noted that He would judge all people fairly and righteously. The prophet Micah also preached about one of God’s promises. He told where the special One would be born! Bethlehem was a small town, but God’s Son would be born there.

LIVE IT OUT: With your child, look up Isaiah 9:6 in the Bible. Write down the names of the Savior that Isaiah used. If you have a commentary or Bible dictionary, research those names and talk about how each one relates to Jesus as Savior.


Matthew 1:18-25

THE POINT: Following God’s plan for Christmas will change your life. Discuss with your student a time when your plans were disrupted. Discuss the following quote:

“Put simply, if we get the Christmas story wrong, we get the Gospel wrong.”1 —Al Mohler

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If your student plans to complete The Christmas Story:
• Read the two Gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth in Matthew and Luke with your family.

If your student plans to complete Gifted to Serve:
• Encourage your student to serve with his/her gifts during the Christmas season. Help him come up with possible service ideas.
• Use your gifts and serve

1. Al Mohler, “Where Does the Story of Christmas Begin?”, 21 December 2009, [cited 5 May 2014]. Available from the Internet:

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