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_MG_0406THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: We unite with others over the strangest things. Consider your favorite sports team. As you sit in the stands, the people surrounding you are strangers. However, rallied around your favorite team they become family. Your one common interest unites you. The church takes unity to a different level. The church is very diverse, but we come together because of our shared faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a unity grounded in who we are. In the Book of Acts, we see a group of believers who changed the world because they lived in unity.

Concept: Unity


Luke 10:38-42

LIFE POINT: Jesus and His helpers (disciples) were traveling. They came to the town where two sisters, Mary and Martha, lived. Martha invited Jesus to come inside the house. Mary sat on the floor near Jesus. She listened carefully as Jesus talked. She
wanted to hear everything Jesus said. Martha did not sit down. She was busy in the house, preparing food for Jesus to eat. Soon, Martha noticed that she was doing all
the work. She said to Jesus, “Tell my sister to help me.” In a kind voice, Jesus said, “Martha, do not worry about what needs to be done. Mary is listening to Me. She has made the right choice.”

LIVE IT OUT: Make a list of people who are important to your family and your child. Pray with your child for each person on the list. Be sure your child knows that Jesus loves each of them.


John 20:19-29

LIFE POINT: After Jesus died, the disciples were afraid. They met together in a locked room. Suddenly, Jesus stood with them! Jesus greeted His disciples. He showed them his hands and side. He spoke to them with encouraging words. Thomas was not with the disciples when they saw Jesus. He did not believe what they told him. “I must see for myself!” Thomas exclaimed. Eight days later, Thomas was with the disciples in a locked room. Suddenly Jesus was with them. Jesus showed Thomas His hands and His side. Now Thomas knew that Jesus was alive.

LIVE IT OUT: Jesus is alive! Discuss with your child how he knows Jesus is alive. Pray together, thanking God for Jesus’ sacrifice for us.


Acts 4:31-37

THE POINT: Our return to God pulls us together. Who do you feel connected to? What makes you feel connected to those people or groups? Discuss the following quote:

“God’s family, which comes into being by regeneration, is more central and more lasting than the human family that comes into being by procreation.”1 — John Piper

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete Your Church:
• Pray with your student for your church family. Pray 1 Peter 3:8 specifically. Ask God to show you your part in bringing or maintaining unity.

If he or she plans to complete Unity Through Forgiveness:
• Make yourself available to your student to talk as he or she learns to forgive people who have hurt him or her.
• Model forgiveness in your home this week by extending grace to your spouse, children, and friends.

1. John Piper, This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence (Wheaton: Crossway, 2009), 117.

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