Conversation Starters: God Calls Us to Him

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_MG_1942THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: “Where did I go wrong?” We start out with good intentions, but we get lazy. Our guard drops. Sin creeps into our lives. Before we know it we are far from God. What would it take to get your attention and bring you back? In the Book of Jonah, we find a man who knew God well yet refused to listen to Him. But God got Jonah’s attention in an unexpected way. And just as in Jonah’s life, God acts to get our attention and draw us back to Himself.

Concept: God calls us to Him


Luke 2:41-52

LIFE POINT: When Jesus was 12 years old, He went with a large group of family and friends to Jerusalem for the Passover celebration. When the celebration was over, Jesus’ parents started home. Jesus stayed behind, but His parents did not know it. When His parents could not find Jesus, they became worried. They found Him three days later in the temple (church), listening to the teachers and asking questions. Jesus’ mother said, “Your father and I have been worried! We have searched for You.” Jesus replied, “Did you not know that I would be here (temple)?” Jesus went home with His parents and obeyed them always. He continued to grow strong and wise.

LIVE IT OUT: What is special about your church? Talk to your child about her favorite parts of being at church. Help her know that church is a special place to learn about God.


John 3:1-17; Romans 3:23; 5:8-10; 6:23; 8:9-10; 1 John 1:8-10

LIFE POINT: Nicodemus was an important Jewish leader. One night he came to see Jesus. Nicodemus knew that God had sent Jesus because he had seen Jesus do miracles. Jesus and Nicodemus talked for a long time. Jesus told Nicodemus how important trusting Jesus was. He said, “God loved the world so much that He sent His only son. Everyone who believes in the Son will have life forever with God.” Jesus told Nicodemus that God sent Him to save people.

LIVE IT OUT: If your child is not a Christian, this week would be a great time to talk to him about it. Carefully question him about what he knows and proceed if he is ready.


Jonah 1:1-3; 3:1-5,10

THE POINT: God’s call to return to Him requires a response. How does God get your attention? Discuss with your student reasons people give for not responding to God. Discuss the following quote:

“Until you have given up your self to Him you will not have a real self.”1 —C.S. Lewis

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete Understand Repentance:
• Discuss with your student what he or she has learned about the difference between repentance and just saying “I’m sorry.”
• Pray with your student, asking God to show him or her how to truly live out repentance.

If he or she plans to complete Shhhh … Listen:
• Share with your student steps you take to make sure you can hear from God.

1. C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (New York: Touchstone, 1996), 190.

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