Conversation Starters: Christ’s Death

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a04d715c-a762-482f-9bb7-ba40e82e8938THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: We hurt when we see or experience injustice. Many of us do what we can to rescue a victim of injustice. But what do we do when an innocent person willingly accepts injustice and undeserved punished…and does so for those who deserve it? This is a perfect description of Jesus, because this is the very reason for which He came to earth. We are still left with the question to answer: How will we respond?

Concept: Christ’s Death


Mark 11:1-11

LIFE POINT: As Jesus and His helpers (disciples) traveled to Jerusalem, Jesus told two helpers, “Go ahead into the village and find a young donkey. Bring the donkey to me. If anyone asks, ‘Why are you untying the donkey?’ say, ‘Jesus needs it.’ ” The helpers did what Jesus said and brought the donkey to Jesus. The men put their coats on the donkey’s back. Jesus got on the donkey and rode it along the road to Jerusalem. People laid their coats and plant branches on the road as Jesus rode by. Some people shouted happy words to Jesus. The people remembered everything Jesus did to help people.

LIVE IT OUT: Help your child learn to praise Jesus in different ways. Sing praise songs when you are in the car. Say a short prayer for protection as you leave on an errand. Thank God for a beautiful day.


Matthew 26:17-30; 27

LIFE POINT: The Jewish people gathered for the Passover. They wanted to remember how God had rescued them out of Egypt. Jesus told the disciples to go into the city and tell a man that Jesus wanted to celebrate Passover at his place with the disciples. When Jesus was sitting at the table with the disciples, He said that one disciple would betray Him. This was Judas Iscariot. Jesus took the bread, gave thanks, and broke it. He gave it to His disciples and said, “Take this and eat it; this is My body.” Jesus took the cup, gave thanks, and gave it to His disciples. Then He said, “Drink from it.” He told the disciples that His blood would be shed for many for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus would be arrested and sentenced to be crucified. Jesus had done nothing wrong, but He died so that the Old Testament Scripture might be fulfilled.

LIVE IT OUT: Help your child research and make a timeline of Jesus’ last days. Include each of the Gospels in your research. Emphasize that Jesus died for our sins.


Matthew 27:28-31, 45-50, 54

THE POINT: Jesus’ sacrifice is the heart of the gospel. How often do you think about all that Christ endured on the cross? This week, spend some time reflecting on the sacrifice of Jesus. Discuss the following quote:

“It was not nails that held Jesus to that wretched cross; it was his unqualified resolution, out of love for his Father, to do his Father’s will—and, within that framework, it was his love for sinners like me.”1 — D. A. Carson

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he or she plans to complete Forsaken for Me:
•Spend some time this week reading the account of Jesus’ crucifixion with your student.
•Encourage your student to ask questions and really dig deep alongside you into the reality of what our sin cost.

If he or she plans to do Faith After a Quake:
•Tell your student about a moment in your life when God became very real and true to you.
•Pray for your student to see God and realize how great, awesome, and real He is.

1. D. A. Carson, Scandalous: The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus, (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2010), 30.

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