Conversation Starters: Temptation

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IMG_0506THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: Sin is so enticing and compelling on the front end; but afterward, as we face the consequences of giving in, we see our sin from a different perspective. It is in the aftermath that we often ask ourselves with regret, “Why did I give in?” Through the life of Joseph, the Bible gives us an example of how the Holy Spirit moves us beyond temptation to make the right choice.

Topic: Temptation 


Genesis 39

LIFE POINT: Joseph had been taken to Potiphar’s house in Egypt to work as a servant. Potiphar was an important officer in Pharaoh’s army. God took care of Joseph. God helped Joseph become successful. Potiphar liked Joseph, and soon he became Potiphar’s helper. Potiphar put Joseph in charge of his whole house and all his business. Potiphar trusted Joseph. Potiphar did not have to worry about anything. God blessed Potiphar’s house because of Joseph. Potiphar’s wife liked Joseph, too. She wanted Joseph to make a wrong choice. But Joseph said no. So Potiphar’s wife told a lie about Joseph to Potiphar. Even though Potiphar trusted Joseph, he believed his wife. He sent Joseph to Pharaoh’s prison.

LIVE IT OUT: Help your preschooler think of times he has been tempted to do wrong things (not sharing, disobeying, telling a lie, etc.). Remind him that God is always with him and can help him make the right choice.


Genesis 39

LIFE POINT: In Egypt, Joseph was sold to Potiphar. Potiphar was an important officer of the king. God helped Joseph to do his job as a slave well. Potiphar saw that everything Joseph did turned out good. He put Joseph in charge of all he owned. Potiphar’s wife liked Joseph, too. But she tried to get Joseph to do something wrong. She grew angry when Joseph would not do what she wanted. Potiphar’s wife told lies about Joseph. Potiphar was very angry. Even though Potiphar trusted Joseph, he believed his wife. He had Joseph thrown in prison. God was good to Joseph even in prison. The guard liked Joseph. He put Joseph in charge of all the other prisoners.

LIVE IT OUT: Help your child think of times he’s been tempted to do wrong things (examples: not sharing, disobeying, telling a lie). Remind him that God is always with him and can help him make the right choice.


Genesis 39:3-12

THE POINT: It’s easier to fight temptation when you’re pursuing God’s purposes. What temptation do you struggle with? Discuss with your student a time when you overcame temptation. Discuss the following quote:

“Sin always seems ‘good, and pleasant, and desirable,’ at the time of commission.”1 —J. C. Ryle

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he plans to complete Know Temptation:
•Discuss with your student some of his or her current struggles with temptation.
•Share with your student a favorite verse that helps you overcome temptation.

If he plans to do It Is Written:
•Help your student identify areas where he or she struggles with temptation.
•Guide your student to “It is Written” Scripture verses to help with these struggles.

1. J. C. Ryle, The Priest, The Puritan, and The Preacher (New York, NY: Robert Carter and Brother, 1856), 237.

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