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DSC_5660THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: The church on mission is a threat to Satan. It’s important that we pray for one another—and certainly for those in positions of leadership in the church. God, in ways we don’t always understand fully, chooses to work through the prayers of believers.

Concept: Prayer 


Exodus 3:1- 4:17

LIFE POINT: Before Moses led the Israelite people out of Egypt and across the Red Sea, or God gave the Ten Commandments, or Moses spoke to families, Moses talked to God. Here is what the Bible says: One day Moses was tending sheep. He was by a mountain.
Moses saw a bush that was on fire. But the bush did not burn up! Moses went closer to see this amazing sight. Then God spoke to Moses from the bush. God called Moses’ name, and Moses answered. God told Moses to remove his sandals because this was a special place. Then God told Moses His plans to bring the Israelite people out of Egypt.
Moses spoke with God and tried to make excuses. But God told Moses, “You will be the one to do this!” After talking with God, Moses obeyed.

LIVE IT OUT: Help your child roll a piece of paper into a megaphone. Shout “I love You” to God. Pray out loud with your child.


Exodus 3:1- 4:17

LIFE POINT: Moses was watching some sheep when he saw a bush that burned, but did not burn up. God spoke to Moses from the bush. “You will lead my people out of Egypt,” God said. When Moses led the people in the desert, they found water. But they could not drink it. God showed Moses a tree to put in the water. Then the water was good to drink.
Another time Moses asked God for water. God told him to hit a rock. Water ran out of the rock! God was angry that His people were doing wrong. Moses asked God to keep the people safe. God did not harm the people. Moses went up the mountain. God spoke to him. and gave him the Ten Commandments again. When Moses went down the mountain, his face glowed! The people were afraid when they saw Moses. He told them everything God said to him on the mountain.

LIVE IT OUT: Roll a piece of paper into a megaphone. Shout: “I love you” to God. Plan to pray together and talk to God each day this week.


Ephesians 6:18-22

THE POINT: Support your church with prayer. Do you pray for your church? Commit to praying daily for your church with your family. Discuss the following quote:

“We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties.”1 —Oswald Chambers

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out activities. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If he plans to complete Prayer List:
•Lead your student by praying with him or her for needs in the church.
•Discuss with your student a time you had to pray with persistence.

If he plans to do Missionary:
•Help your student identify a missionary or missionary family to pray for.
•Post a picture (or name) around your house, committing to pray for this missionary whenever you see it.

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