Conversation Starters: Generosity

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584ef004-b6bf-4a69-b920-18e58539baa6THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: God is a generous God who gives good things to His children. While some are blessed with more wealth than others, all Christians are called to be generous with what we have been given. When we understand that everything we have is a gift from our generous God, we’ll desire to reflect that generosity with our own giving.

Concept: Generosity


Exodus 36-39

LIFE POINT: Moses called craftsmen and the other workers to get everything the people had brought for the tabernacle. The people continued to bring offerings. The men said to Moses, “The people are bringing too much. We have enough to build the tabernacle.” So Moses told the people to stop bringing offerings. The craftsmen and workers began to build. They made 10 curtains from linen with blue, purple, and red yarn. They joined animal skins together with clasps of bronze. They used planks of wood joined together with pegs. One man built the ark of the covenant. The craftsmen built tables, altars, lamps, and utensils. They made special clothes for the priests who would work in the tabernacle. They used everything the people had brought.

LIVE IT OUT: Build an indoor tent together in your home. Encourage your child to bring in special items to decorate the tent. Have your family devotion inside the tent and talk about how the people worked together to build the tabernacle.


Exodus 39:32-40:38

LIFE POINT: The people had everything made: the curtains, the ark, the table, the lampstand, and the priests’ clothes. They made each thing just as God commanded. Moses used the tent, the curtains, and the poles to set up the tabernacle. He put the ark, the table, the lampstand, and the altar in the correct places. Aaron and his sons put on the priests’ clothes. A cloud covered the tabernacle. The glory of God filled the tabernacle. Whenever the people saw God’s cloud over the tabernacle, they did not move their camp. If the cloud lifted from the tabernacle, they broke camp and moved until the cloud stopped again.

LIVE IT OUT: Research to discover the history of your church’s facilities. When was it built? Who actually built the structures? What church members contributed to actually building the facilities? Thank God for those who worked together to construct your church.

THE POINT: We should reflect God’s generosity. Have a discussion with your student
about everything God has blessed you with. Have a conversation around this quote:

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”1 —John Bunyan

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out
If your student chooses to do God Gives:
• Determine to read through the Scripture daily with your student.

• Ask your student what he or she has learned through reading these passages of Scripture this week.

If your student chooses to do Generosity:
• Help your student determine what generosity looks like in areas other than finances.

• Pray your student will develop a generous heart.


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