Conversation Starters: Encouraging Words

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c644836a-0f23-4c5e-95b7-dc472319d33fThe Bible Meets Life: We all face the pressure of using our words to criticize, gossip, or
verbally assault others. Words spoken carelessly, unwisely, hastily, and destructively can affect every aspect of our lives. As we follow Jesus, He will empower us to use our words in a positive way.


Mark 10:13-16

LIFE POINT: Jesus loves children. Why was Jesus angry with His disciples? Why did Jesus think children were special? What did He tell His disciples about children?

LIVE IT OUT: Sing the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children” or “Jesus Loves Me” with your preschooler. Remind her that Jesus loves her and all children.


Mark 10:13-16

LIFE POINT: Reflect God’s love by speaking to everyone with kindness. Why did Jesus get angry with His disciples? How can you use Jesus’ example to speak kindly to everyone?

LIVE IT OUT: Give your child a box of inexpensive breath mints. Tell him that this week when he is tempted to use unkind words, to use a breath mint to remind him to use his words wisely.


James 3:1-18

THE POINT: Our words should reflect our relationship with Christ. How can we do a better job of communicating as a family? How can we encourage each other with words this week? Have a conversation around this quote:

“Kind words do not cost much…yet they accomplish much.”1 —Blaise Pascal

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out. Here are some suggested ways to help your student:

If she plans to complete Say It:
• Encourage your student to choose someone she can
encourage this week.
• Encourage your student this week with positive words.
If she plans to do Whatever:
• Ask your student if she would like you to help her
complete the activity.
• Ask your student how you can pray for her regarding how she talks to and about others.

1. John Mason, You Can Do It (Grand Rapids, MI: Revell, 2003), 55.

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