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DSC_0569THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: One of the clearest messages in the Bible is that God is our Father, but to some, that does not sound like good news. Our experience with our dad shapes how we see God as Father. Jesus told a story that can change our idea of what a father should be. God as Father gives us the hope of a second chance.


Luke 15:11-32

THE POINT: Jesus often used stories to teach about God’s love. He told a parable about a father and two sons. Jesus said, “A man had two grown sons. The younger son said, ‘Give me my share of the family money.’ Soon the son had spent all of his money. He had no food. Finally a man gave him work feeding pigs. The son thought about eating the pigs’ food. He thought about his father’s house where there was food to eat. He decided to go home. The son was far from the house when his father saw him. The father ran to hug and kiss him. The son said, ‘Father, I have done wrong. I do not deserve to be your son.’ But the father threw a big celebration to welcome him home.”

LIVE IT OUT: As a family, review sign language for “God loves me” (one finger pointing up to God/arms crossing chest/pointing to self). During the week, when two family members see each other for any reason, see who can remember first to sign “God loves me!”


Luke 15:11-32

THE POINT: Jesus often told stories to teach people. One day he told this story: “Father, give me my share of the family money,” the younger son said. He took the money and moved away. He spent his money foolishly. Soon he had nothing, not even food, so he took a job feeding pigs. He was so hungry that he wanted to eat the pigs’ food. Finally, he decided to go home and ask his father to let him work as a servant. When the father saw his son, he ran to hug him. The father said, “Put the best robe, a ring, and sandals on him! Let’s celebrate! My son has come home!” The older son was jealous that his brother was welcomed back with a party. The father encouraged the older brother to be happy.

LIVE IT OUT: As a family, talk about the meaning of the word forgiveness. Talk about times when each person has needed to forgive someone.


Luke 15:11-32

THE POINT: God welcomes us because of His love for us. Tell your student about someone you trust to be there for you. Ask your student how you can better be there for them. Have a conversation around this quote:

If you have been reduced to God being your only hope, You are in a good place.”1 —Jim Laffoon

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out activities. If your student chooses to do Come Home:

• Ask your student if there is a specific area you can be praying for in his or her life.

• Pray this week that your student will be able to surrender every area of life to Christ. If your student chooses to do Reach Out:

• Ask your student if there is any way you can help him or her reach out to someone who needs to return to God.

• Encourage your student as he or she seeks to reach out to someone for the sake of the gospel.

1. “Quotes Collection,” Fuel for Faith, [cited July 19, 2013].

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