Conversation Starters: Faith

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Use these discussion starters to help foster a spiritual conversation with your family.

Just as we cannot save ourselves, we cannot live the Christian life by ourselves. Left alone, we would face continual defeat. But we are not alone. Jesus Christ comes to live in us through the presence and power of His Holy Spirit. He is the One who empowers us to stand against sin, to walk righteously, and to live every aspect of life for His glory.

Concept: Faith


1 and 2 Peter

LIFE POINT: What we do shows we love Jesus.

In his letter, what did Peter tell people they should do if they love Jesus?

How can you show you love Jesus?

LIVE IT OUT: Prepare your child by role-playing situations that might occur during the day. Help him know how to act and react in ways that would show he loves Jesus.


1 and 2 Peter

LIFE POINT: The Holy Spirit helps Christians know how to live.

What are some things Peter told people they should do?

Do you think Peter’s letters should apply to people today?

LIVE IT OUT: Help your child recall a time when she was helped by someone who remained anonymous. Encourage her to do something nice for someone without telling him who did it. Remind her that one may not be able to see the Holy Spirit but that she can know He is there to help her live as a follower of Jesus.


Romans 8:8-17,26-27

THE POINT: The Holy Spirit lives in you and empowers you.

When was the last time you really needed someone’s help?

Why is it difficult to ask others for help?

Have a conversation around this quote:

“If we function according to our ability alone, we get the glory; if we function according to the power of the Spirit within us, God gets the glory.”1 —Henry Blackaby

LIVE IT OUT: Help your student schedule a time that he or she can be alone to seek and hear from God.

Share how time alone with God has impacted your life.

Discuss the Holy Spirit with your student. Be honest about misunderstandings and things you’ve learned.

Pray that your student will trust and rely on the work of the Holy Spirit in his or her life.

1. Henry Blackaby, Mel Blackaby, Experiencing the Spirit: The Power of Pentecost Every Day (New York: Random House Digital, 2009). 

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