Conversation Starters: Conflict

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Use these discussion starters to help foster a spiritual conversation with your family.

THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: James wrote that we often find ourselves in the midst of conflict—fights, arguments, quarrels, or disputes. We feel the pressure of conflict every day. No matter what the issue is, the pressure it brings can lead us into conflict. James teaches us that by humbly submitting to Christ, we can resist the pressure of conflicts and quarrels in our lives.

Concept: Conflict


Luke 19:1-10

LIFE POINT: We should love others just as we love ourselves.

What did Zacchaeus do because he wanted to see Jesus?

Why did all the people dislike Zacchaeus?

How did Jesus show kindness to Zacchaeus?

LIVE IT OUT: Help your preschooler think of someone at church who is hard for them to like. Talk about a way to show kindness to that person. Think of one kind thing to do.


Luke 19:1-10

LIFE POINT: Love all people unconditionally.

Why were people surprised and angry when Jesus went to Zacchaeus’s house?

How can Jesus’ example help you to treat all people with kindness?

LIVE IT OUT: Ask your child to think of one person at school that it appears that no one likes. Challenge them to reach out in kindness to this person.


JAMES 4:1-10

THE POINT: Overcome the pressure of conflict by humbly submitting to Christ.

Why is conflict so natural for us?

How can we stop conflict before it arises?

How can I pray for you this week?

Have a conversation around this quote:

“Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.”1
—Charles Swindoll

LIVE IT OUT: Ask your student to share with you how he will draw near to God this week. Encourage your student to set aside time to seek God.

Ask your student if he or she needs help with a specific conflict he or she is currently facing. Pray for your student to fight the pressure of conflict this week.

1. Zig Ziglar, Over the Top (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 1997).

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