Conversation Starter: Center of Everything

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Colossians 1:9-23

why beliefs matter, who Christ is, what Christ has done

Family Connection


Invite your child to join you in drawing pictures to match the words “Big, Bigger, Biggest.” Make sure that your “biggest” picture is God. As you and your child continue drawing, discuss why God is biggest of everything.

Adapted from “My God Is the Biggest” by Susan Easterday, HomeLife (September 2010): 38.


Have a contest to see who can get to the center of their tootsie pop first. Ask if your child would be mad if she got to the center and found a Brussels sprout and why. Point out that what’s in the center matters. Explain the Bible teaches Jesus is the center of everything. Consider why that matters.


Evaluate how your teen resembles others in your family. Consider how something visible, such as parent/child look-alikes, proves the existence of something invisible, like DNA. Explore how the visible Jesus proved the existence of the invisible God

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