Conversation Starters: Seeing God Today

Posted by Phil

We at Ridgecrest Summer Camps hope that these questions about seeing God in our day to day lives can spark some good conversations with your kids!

For Children
Work with your child to put together a leaf collection. Collect 6-10 different leaves. Try to collect two leaves from each tree, one that has not turned its fall color yet and one that has. Identify each leaf and place it on a sheet of construction paper. Bind the collection together with string or put in a folder. Use the process to talk with your child about how the change takes place because God designed it that way.

For Students
Encourage your students to do an Internet search for “miracle stories.” Instruct them to look for stories that seem legit and those that seem to be fake. Discuss reasons why people believe or don’t believe present-day miracle stories. Talk about whether or not your students believe Jesus still does miracles.

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