Conversation Starters: Watching Others

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There is a fine line between judging others and holding them accountable. Learning to follow Jesus in community with friends, almost always bring hints of conflict as we struggle through this. Help your kids begin to understand these topics from an early age… Not to mention learning how to love people through these times.

For Preschoolers
Are all boys and girls good?
When someone does something you think is bad, what should you do?
How can you still be his or her friend?

For Children
How do you know when someone is disobeying God?
Is someone always wrong because they do something different than you? Why or why not?
What does it mean to judge somebody?

For Students
What’s the difference between judging and rebuking?
Why are we so quick to criticize and condemn others?
How can you balance loving weaker Christians and standing strong in your own beliefs?

I can imagine that this can be a tough subject. Did you learn anything that could help the rest of us?

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