Conversation Starters: Home Dedication

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Conduct a home dedication service with your family. A week or so before the set night, discuss with your family the reason for the home dedication. Talk about how all of your family’s resources are given to you by God and they are all to be used to honor Him. Point out that one of the biggest resources you have is your home. Outline the dedication time, how you will move from room to room as a family asking God to use this room to honor Himself. Point out that different family members will be in charge of what takes place in each room. You may want to just use rooms where guests will join you, such as family room, kitchen, dining room, and guest bedroom. Or you can choose to use every room. Assign different rooms to different members of the family, including your teens and older children. Find ways younger children and preschoolers can assist you. Encourage family members to think about appropriate Scripture passages to use, hymns or choruses that could be sung, and how prayer will be conducted. Close the evening circled up with your family in your family room or perhaps on the porch as the head of the household leads in prayer.

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