Parenting Anxieties

Posted by Phil

Will Jack and William make good enough grades for us to sport those “My Child Is An Honor Student at …” stickers on the back of our cars? When they start reading, will they read four or five grade levels ahead of all of the other children?

In soccer, will they be the best players and score more goals than all of the other children? If one of the boys decides to play in the high school band, will he sit in first chair? If he runs track, will he be the fastest and will he jump the highest and the longest? On the baseball diamond, will he be the best fielder? Will he hit the ball better than the others? Will he always be selected in the first round of neighborhood pickup game draft choices?

Will William Brady always be at the top of the list when friends send out invitations to birthday parties?

If Jack’s class at school is divided into sections, will he be put into the group with the brighter, more advanced students?

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