3 Questions About Parenting a Teenager

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As a Camp Ridgecrest or Camp Crestridge parent, you are either a parent of a teen, or you will be soon.

Richard Ross, Ph.D., is professor of student ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. Richard serves as spokesperson for the True Love Waits campaign and is the author or compiler of more than 20 books on student ministry or parenting. For more information about Parenting with Kingdom Purpose, see www.kingdomparent.com .

Dr. Ross addresses some key questions that many of us are asking…

1) By the time parents have teenagers, they have years of experience being a parent. So why is parenting a teenager so hard?

2) If the needs of teenagers differ from the needs of children, how can parents know what their teenagers need and when those needs shift?

3) If the relationship between parents and teenagers has been difficult, what can parents do to make the relationship better?

Read his answers here…

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