Praying For Your Kids

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Phil

You’ve heard it before. You’ve done it before. Perhaps you’ve done it today. But we all agree that we NEED to do it. I’m not sure that I’ll ever feel as if I’ve prayed enough for my children.

Sometimes I would try hard and think for something new to pray for on behalf of my kids. Part of this is easy as new challenges, new friends, and new situations arise in their lives. I find myself praying for those things. But I believe that there is enormous value in consistently pray for the same core things for your kids as they grow and mature.

When Amy and I got married a while back, one of my mentors named Charley, who is a phenomenal dad and husband, drilled praying for our kids into our heads. Charley is almost obsessed with his family and praying on their behalf.

Years ago Charley handed me a sheet of paper, with some notes on it. These were the notes he used to pray for his kids. These notes are still tucked in my bible and I still use them to pray for Piper and Lily each day.

I couldn’t think of anything better to leave you with other than a picture of this note. I urge you to print it out, crop it down, and stick it in your Bible, or your car, or your mirror, or over the sink…anywhere that you will see it every day. Don’t worry, it won’t take you long to memorize the list.

No matter how you do it, just do it. Go before the Lord every day on behalf of your children. And know this. Every morning at 9am, here in the Lake Lodge at Camp, we gather and pray for you and your family. Be encouraged and enjoy…


If you ever have questions about this list. Feel free to contact me, I’ll be here!

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