Conversation Starter: Arguments

Posted on February 1, 2012 by Phil

At Ridgecrest Summer Camps, we want to do our best to help you excel through the challenges of parenthood. As we think of you when Camp’s gates aren’t open, we know that you are fielding the “follow up” questions from the summer. So, we want to try to equip you the best we can.

I’m sure that arguments never occur in your household. But just in case they do, here are a few questions to spark good discussion with you kids.

For Preschoolers
What is an argument?
If a friend wants to play a game you don’t like, what would be the nice thing to do?
How can you love somebody when they might be mad at you?

For Children
Do you remember your last argument with a friend or family member?
How did it end?
What can you do to still be nice to someone when you disagree?
Would you let somebody have their way over something you disagreed about (give an example)?

For Students
When do disagreements begin?
How do disagreements go wrong?
What is most difficult about being the peacemaker?
As a Christian, why should you try to make peace?

I hope your conversations are fruitful. If you get any exceptional responses, please feel free to share then here…

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