Conversation Starters: Salvation

Posted on June 25, 2014 by Karah

22d97013-cd32-4b88-86ee-512bd4a12b91THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: If you go to the tombs of Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed, or any other religious leader, you will find a body. It’s not so with Jesus. He is risen. Because Jesus died and rose again, He provides victory over death for all who would follow Him. The Holy Spirit empowers Christians to live the life He has given us for God’s purpose to advance His kingdom.

Concept: Salvation


Matthew 21:1-11; 26:36-28:10

THE POINT: Jesus had been arrested. People who did not accept who He was had put Him on a cross to die. After His death, a man named Joseph placed His body in a tomb for burial. Very early on the third day, Mary Magdalene and another Mary went to the tomb. They were very sad. As they got near the tomb, there was a strong earthquake. An angel rolled the stone from the front of the tomb and sat on the stone. The angel said, “Do not be afraid. I know you are looking for Jesus. He is not here! He is alive. Look and see where He lay. Then go quickly and tell His disciples that He is alive.” As the women turned to go, they saw Jesus. The women began to worship Jesus. They were so happy to see Him. Jesus said, “Do not be afraid. Go and tell My disciples to go to Galilee and I will see them there.”

LIVE IT OUT: Help your child name as many different ways they can that we can know that Jesus loves us. As a family, write down ways that we can tell and show Jesus that we love Him.


Matthew 26:36-28:10

THE POINT: After the last supper, some of the disciples went with Jesus to a garden to pray. Soldiers came to the garden and arrested Jesus. They took Jesus to Pilate, the Roman governor. Pilate could not find that Jesus had done any thing wrong, but the people wanted Jesus killed. Jesus died on a cross. A rich man asked Pilate to allow him to bury Jesus’ body in the man’s own tomb. On Sunday morning, two women went to the tomb. An earthquake shook the ground. An angel from God rolled the stone away. The angel looked as bright as lightning and told the two women that Jesus was alive. As the women rushed away, they saw Jesus! Jesus told the women to go tell His disciples where to meet Him. Jesus was alive!

LIVE IT OUT: Share with others that Jesus is alive by designing a car window sign. Use a bumper sticker- size piece of poster board and brightly colored markers to boldly print “HE IS ALIVE!” and/or “Matthew 28:6.” Place the poster in the window of your family vehicle.


1 Corinthians 15:20-28

THE POINT: Through Jesus you have victory over death. Discuss a victory you’ve experienced with your student. In what area of life do you need to experience victory right now? Have a conversation around this quote:

“There is no victory at bargain basement prices.”1 —Dwight D. Eisenhower

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out activities.

• Ask your student to write out all the different names of Jesus. Have them share something they learned while reading through the different names.
• Read through and discuss some of the names with your student.

• Encourage your student this week as he or she embraces the victory God has already given.
• Pray for your student to live victoriously.

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Conversation Starters: God is Powerful

Posted on June 18, 2014 by Karah

DSC_0390THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: We’ve all lost something valuable. We’ve experienced the panic-filled search for that item. Then we find it and all is well. But what about something abstract such as hope? Can a person ever truly find it? In Matthew 8, we see Jesus’ interaction with a leper and a Roman centurion. More importantly, we find an answer. In Christ we find hope for today and our future.


Matthew 8:1-13

THE POINT: Jesus was on a mountain teaching about God. As He came down, a man with a serious skin disease came and said, “Jesus, if You are willing You can heal me.” “I am willing,” Jesus said. The man was healed. Jesus told the man to go show himself to the priest and give an offering to God. As Jesus traveled to another town, a soldier came and pleaded, “Please help my servant. He is sick and in pain.” Jesus offered to come and heal the servant. “Jesus, You do not need to come,” the man said. “Just speak the word, and my servant will be better.” Jesus was amazed by the man’s words. “Go home. Because you believed, your servant will be better.” Jesus helped people and gave them hope.

LIVE IT OUT:  Talk with your child about times that God has answered specific prayers for your family. Remind her that even though sometimes we don’t get the answer we hope for, God always wants what is best for us. Begin a prayer journal. Write down prayer requests made at each devotion time, and then be sure to record God’s answers as they come.


Matthew 8:1-13

THE POINT: A man with a skin disease begged Jesus: “I know You can make me well.” Jesus answered that the man would be well, and it happened! Later, a soldier said to Jesus: “My servant is very ill and in pain.” Jesus offered to go to the servant. The soldier stopped Jesus. He told Jesus that soldiers obeyed his commands. He knew that Jesus could just speak and that his servant would be well. Jesus praised the man for his faith. He told the soldier that the servant would be well—and he was!

LIVE IT OUT: Send a card to someone in your family, church, or community who is ill. Include encouraging Bible verses and reminders that Jesus gives hope.


Matthew 8:1-13

THE POINT: When we seek Christ, we find hope. Discuss with your student something important you’ve lost and later found. Have a conversation around this quote:

“Thanks be to God, there is hope today; this very hour you can choose Him and serve Him.”1 —D.L. Moody

LIVE IT OUT: Your student has been encouraged to do one or both Live It Out activities:

Encourage your student as he or she plans to connect with friends this week to discuss the Word. Pray that your student is encouraged as he or she studies with friends.

Ask your student if he or she needs help planning ways to seek Christ in different areas of life. Encourage your student during the week as he or she is working through the Live It Out.

1. Dwight Lyman Moody, Anecdotes and Illustrations of D.L. Moody, ed. James Baird McClure (Chicago: Rhodes & McClure, 1877), 100.

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Conversation Starters: God’s Plan

Posted on June 4, 2014 by Karah

IMG_1832THE BIBLE MEETS LIFE: Whether it’s schoolwork or running a company, what you do every day can seem tedious. But when we look at what we do through the lens of God’s purpose for our lives, we begin to see things differently. God created work to be a good thing, and His plan is for us to approach work with enthusiasm and joy.


Genesis 2:4-24

THE POINT: God created a beautiful world. He planted a lovely garden with trees and plants that gave food. A river ran through the garden to provide water. God placed Adam in the garden. He told Adam to care for the garden. God said, “You may eat from any tree in the garden, except for one tree in the middle of the garden.” God brought every wild animal and bird He had created to Adam so Adam could name each one. Adam named all of the animals and the birds. God looked at everything He had created but did not see a helper for Adam. God made Adam go to sleep. God took a rib from Adam and made it into a woman. God brought the woman to Adam. Adam named the woman Eve.

LIVE IT OUT:  Write family projects on strips of paper, fold, and place in a basket or other container. Ask your preschooler to choose one and complete the task together as a family. Remind your child to have a good attitude while working and thank God for strong bodies that are able to work.


Genesis 2:4-24

THE POINT:  God made the earth ready for people. Then God made a man out of the dust from the ground. He breathed life into the man and placed him in a special garden. God told the man to work in the garden and watch over it. God said, “You may eat from any tree in the garden except the tree in the middle of the garden. Do not eat from it.” God brought animals and birds to the man. The man gave names to all the animals, but the man had no one like him. Then God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep. He took one of the man’s ribs and made it into a woman. Now the man had a helper who was like him.

LIVE IT OUT: Organize a family neighborhood spring cleaning day. As a family, spend time in your neighborhood picking up litter that may have gathered during the winter. Thank God for the ability to work hard and care for the world He has given.


Genesis 1:28; 2:8-9, 15-17

THE POINT: Work is an opportunity to fulfill God’s purpose. How does what you do each day impact God’s purpose for your life? Have a conversation around this quote:

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” —Thomas A. Edison

LIVE IT OUT: Ask if your student would like some insight from you on what abilities you think he or she possesses.Later in the week, ask if your student has completed this Live It Out. If not, ask how you can help. Ask your student if he or she would like you to recommend a place to help or serve. Pray for your student as he or she seeks to fulfill God’s purpose in life.

1. “Thomas Edison Quotes,” [cited 19 July
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