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There’s nothing like watching your child run up to you on closing day with a huge smile on their face to give you a big hug…so big that it makes up for the two weeks of no hugs.  Then you ask if they had a good time and they go off on how much fun they had, telling you about their campout, the fire they got to build, the frog they caught by the lake, the new song they learned, the wreck they had in the mountain biking skill, the time they spent learning about God, talking to God, or how their love for God grew in so many ways.  To me, that would be one of the most amazing feelings as a parent!

How often do you tell your friends about that feeling and the experience your child had at camp?  Whether it be everyday or not very often, we want to make it easier for you to tell your friends about Ridgecrest Summer Camps.  There are a few promotionals materials that we would like to make available to you.  We have promotional DVD’s, brochures, a sample newsletter entry, and sample announcements.  You can use these materials at your church, a small group meeting, a youth group, Sunday school class, your child’s school, a club meeting, or even with your child’s close friends and parents.  God has changed and will change so many lives through camp and this is your chance to spread the excitement!  If you have any questions or would like to receive any promotional materials, please e-mail us at We’ll mail you whatever you need at no cost. And we’d be glad to share with you some of the best ways to impact your community through sharing with others a lifechanging summer camp experience!

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