Conversation Starter: Follow The Leader

Posted on June 6, 2012 by Phil

Below are some questions about Rules and Authority that we at Ridgecrest Summer Camps hope will be helpful for you as you strive to engage your kids in conversation this month. We will be praying for you…

For Preschoolers
Play a brief game of follow the leader. Allow your preschooler a chance to be leader.
Did you like following the leader? Why or why not?
How did you like being the leader?
Who are some other leaders you know?
Pray and thank God for the leaders in your child’s life.

For Children
What are some rules that are hard to follow?
If you could, what rules would you change and why?
Why is it sometimes hard to obey?

For Students
Which authority in your life do you struggle with the most? Why?
What’s the best part of our relationship? What’s the hardest?
What’s one thing you wish I would do differently?

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