Conversation Starter: Purity vs. Sensuality

Posted on February 15, 2012 by Phil

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Family Connection

For Preschoolers

Tell your child that you love her. Tell her that you want to always be there to love and protect her. Talk about your favorite age-appropriate shows. Talk about how good these shows are. Let her know that part of your love for her will be to help her always watch things that are good for her.

For School-Age

Many older children attend sleepovers at birthday parties and other occasions. Explain to them that your values and standards concerning television and movies may be different than those at others’ homes. Help them learn how to deal with questionable content when they are away from home.

For Students

By this age your teens have seen the results of destructive decisions concerning sexual issues. Help them understand that remaining pure involves more than just an act, it means guarding from sexual content. By resisting the temptation to view explicit material, teens will curb destructive behavior. Go to for more helpful information from the True Love Waits Web site. Also review a number of earlier posts for parents of teenagers regarding this topic.

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